Children’s Occupational Therapy

Children’s Occupational Therapy

Rejuvenate’s Occupational Therapists have more than 10 years of clinical experience working in schools and the community.

We are licensed by the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario. We have experience working predominantly with children. We assess, provide consultation, develop treatment plans and engage in effective therapy processes.

One on one sessions with parents and caregivers participating are provided. School visits are possible with the permission of the school.

The types of problems that can respond:
• Fine Motor Difficulties
• Sensory Processing Disorders
• Neurological Conditions
• Developmental Disabilities
• Handwriting Challenges

Daytime appointments are available with some limited evening appointments.

Rejuvenate provides pediatric Occupational Therapy services within our clinics, in children’s schools and sometimes within children’s homes.

Following is a list of services we provide:

• Fine Motor Assessments
• Printing & Writing Assessment and Therapy
• Sensory Processing Evaluations
• Interventions for Children
• Activities of Daily Living Assessments


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Occupational Therapy


Behaviour Therapy



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